"Il mio anno stranissimo" is a portrait of today's Italy through the eyes of boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14: virus, quarantine, home schooling, distant friends, suspended activities, the new normality. Their dreams, fears, fantasies in the time of the pandemic.

We ask them to send a video in which each one tells how he/she experienced and is experiencing this period, leaving them the freedom to share their thoughts and emotions as "protagonists", in front of the camera of a smartphone, or as "directors", documenting from behind the camera what happens around them. And we give them some ideas to start from:

• What dreams did you have during this period?

• A book/movie/series that has kept you and/or is keeping you company

• What do you miss about the school?

• Where do you dream of going on a trip?

• What is the best or worst thing about this time that you will never forget?

• How would you draw this period?

"Il mio anno stranissimo" is a journey into the teenage world: the lockdown is a moment of stasis, of course, but also of discovery and new perspectives.

Before closing time, I met many middle school students to talk about my book "Ombre che camminano", a ghost story centered on that season of life. Well, talking with those kids has enriched me much more than it has happened to me in years of making presentations to adults.

At that age one is no longer a child but one is not yet a boy/girl: we call them little boys/girls, and it is curious that we need a diminutive to represent them. Such a delicate phase of transformation was and still is essentially experienced in loneliness: a unique opportunity to grasp their feelings and hear their voices, the least listened to in recent months. I believe that looking at this dramatic and complex time through the point of view of those between 10 and 14 can help everyone think about the future and how to make it better: a great call to social and civil responsibility. Starting from a few guidelines (just a track to help them structure their thoughts) I will listen to their stories with attention and respect, and I will try to tell them with a creative freedom that will avoid any theatricalization, so as not to influence their confessions and maintain a tone vivid and light: a heterogeneous atmosphere, a bit magical… more real and pure than that of adults.

Marco Ponti
Film Editor
Daniele De Cicco, Daniele Segre
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione dicembre 2020
Last update: 18 November 2023