Aosta Valley. Summer 1993. A cottage on the edge of the woods. Giorgio is 13 years old, he moves among the trees and explores that hidden world.

Today Giorgio is a scientist. Thanks to studies on forest planning, he was included by the review Nature among the 11 best emerging researchers in the world. With new eyes he returns to explore the wide scenarios in which his love for nature was born. But the disappearance of a huge glacier, the sprouting in its place of a new forest, increasingly large and frequent fires, insects invasions, disturbingly show how the entire ecosystem is rapidly changing, as if we were at the dawn of a new geological era. In his childhood's places of his childhood, between excursions and personal memories, Giorgio will develop a mathematical model capable of protecting the forests threatened by climate change. The result of his research confirms what he knows since he was a child: trees will save humanity.

The seed of the future is a film that connects one of the key issues of our time, global warming, with a personal story. The main character is the scientist Giorgio Vacchiano, who has learned to interpret the effects of climate change on alpine forests. He his studying strategies to generate the woods of the future, an ecosystem capable of counteracting the effects of climate change. Thanks to his personal journey inside the alpine forest, we will discover the deep reasons that connects a young scientist to the nature. More, we will see how trees will become our allies in safeguarding the future.

Andrea Parena, Davide Mazzocco, Renato Di Gaetano, Francesca Frigo
Andrea Parena, Davide Mazzocco, Renato Di Gaetano, Francesca Frigo
Director of photography
Original Music
Renato Di Gaetano
Altri credits

Alessio Martini (Colorist), Andrea Carlotto (Riprese aeree), Ornella Lo Surdo (Stagista).

Cast and characters

Giorgio Vacchiano, Michele Freppaz, Giancarlo Cesti, Marta Galvagno, Renzo Motta, Ivan Rollet

Production Director
Daniele Mantione
Organizzatore generale
Daniele Mantione
Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2020