The climate change is shaking the balance of the ecosystems. Whitin the Alpine forests its effects are two times greater than in the other environments. For this reason Giorgio Vacchiano, a scientist who studies trees, decides to return to his childhood woods, in the Aosta Valley. That's where his love for trees was born. That land, with its majestic landscapes, lends itself to become a great open air laboratory. A place where to study the climate change and the strategies to fight its effects. Thus begins Giorgio's journey through the Alpine forest, looking for the keys to understanding the deep changes happening in that territory.

Giorgio's research has a fundamental goal: to develop strategies in order to help the forest to fight against the effects of the climate change. So that we can preserve all the services the trees give to the humanity, because they guarantee our life on Earth.

To save the trees, indeed, means saving humanity.


Diving in the Alpine and Appenninic ecosystem, Giorgio examines the territory. He collects clues, joins the pieces of a puzzle, in order to evaluate the forest's health. He studies how people used to manage woods in the past, in order to make of them an ally for their survival. He projects this relation between humanity and trees towards the future, joining the data together and foreseeing new scenarios. It is a step-by-step path: faced with a problem he studies, finds out, makes a plan, takes action. It is a scientific research process that has a already a strong narrative structure by itself: the camera follows Giorgio, who is the pivot of the plot. Faced with a serious threat, the scientist goes into the wild of the forest looking for the answers. Here, he meets allies who help him to interpret the signals of the nature and to find a solution. The field research of Giorgio gives us a strong and specific point of view, in order to effectively tell a complex topic such as climate change and its effects.

Francesca Frigo, con Giorgio Vacchiano
Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo, Davide Mazzocco, Renato Di Gaetano, con la gentile collaborazione di Giorgio Vacchiano
Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo, Davide Mazzocco, Renato Di Gaetano, con la gentile collaborazione di Giorgio Vacchiano
Director of photography
Original Music
Enrico Montrosset, Marco Montano, Alberto Bich, Emiliano Gherlanz
Andrea Parena, Renato Di Gaetano, Francesca Frigo e [[Andrea Carlotto (Riprese aeree)
Altri credits

Enrico Giovannone (Finalizzazione); Stefano Ceccon A.I.C. - Imago (Color Grading); Emiliano Gherlanz - Kahuna Sound (Post-produzione audio): Enrico Montrosset - L'Eubage (Supervisione alla post-produzione)

Cast and characters

Giorgio Vacchiano, Michele Freppaz, Giancarlo Cesti, Marta Galvagno, Renzo Motta, Ivan Rollet

Production Director
Daniele Mantione
Organizzatore generale
Daniele Mantione
Executive production
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - produzione giugno 2020; con il contributo del Fondo per il sostegno alla produzione audiovisiva della Fondazione Fillm Commission Vallée D'Aoste
Last update: 01 June 2022