Lili (36) has had a stable relationship for several years. Apparently everything works out between her and her partner. However, there is a subterranean unhappiness in her everyday life that prevents her from being happy. She has no external excuse - except trivialities - to justify this inability to go forward and be happy with David (36). This feeling is not new. She’s already lived with his previous partners. So she decides that before she throws it all away again, she’ll find the reasons that lead her to that cyclical state.

That’s why Lili is looking for three men who have been capitals in her life to interview them under the initial question: What did we do wrong? These men each represent a different type of love which also corresponds to the age at which they maintained the relationship.

Kilian, his first stable partner, represents idyllic love. Manuel, represents the erotic and wild love, with whom the feelings were never completely clear. And finally Fede with whom there has not yet been a reconciliation after the relationship.

The interviews are intertwined with the lives of Lili and David, always between humour and tragedy. Your interaction ends up changing the course of history and consequently your relationship and the decision you make about it.

Liliana Torres Esposito
Director of photography
Lucia C. Pan (Dop)
Costume Design
Francesca Cibischino(Costume designer parte italiana); Anna Bonardello (Assistente costumista)
Altri credits

Emiliano Remelli (production assistant/driver)

Cast and characters

Liliana Torres (LILIANA), Xùlio Abonjo (DAVID), Melania Cruz (JUANA), Héctor Carballo (RAFA)

Executive production
Carla Sospedra
Luca Legnani
9.99 Films
Tapeless film Milano
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Assistente alla regia
Festival - markets - events

2021: Festival de Sevilla: Sección Oficial

Last update: 11 December 2023