1939. In the long summer nights everything seems possible to the sleepless youth of Turin.  Everyone says war is coming but isn’t that one more reason to live life to the fullest? Ginia – 16 years old - has moved to the city with her brother Severino and she works as seamstress in a haute couture atelier  where she hopes one day to become a fashion designer. Meticulous, thrifty, Ginia is perfectly satisfied with the direction her life is taking until she encounters Amelia who works as an art model. Sensual, provocative, free, Amelia introduces Ginia to a bohemian universe populated by artists, cigarettes and colours. Thorn between duties, family, conventions and the dazzling sensations Amelia carries with her, Ginia lives through an emotional turmoil that confronts with her most intimate desires, making her question the real nature of her feelings towards Amelia.

Laura Luchetti
Laura Luchetti, da un romanzo di Cesare Pavese
Laura Luchetti
Costume Design
Francesca Cibischino (Assistente costumista)
Luana Velliscig (Casting Director); Niccolò Terrevoli (Assistente casting)
Altri credits

Driving Vintage (Noleggio mezzi d'epoca).

Cast and characters

Marilina Succo (sarta dell'Atelier)

Executive Producer
Giovanni Pompili, Luca Legnani
Kino Produzioni, 9.99 Films con Rai Cinema
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - dicembre 2019; MEDIA Development Support; NiC - CNC FOndo di coproduzione Italia-Francia; Fondo selettivo Produzione (Mibact)
Assistente scenografo