Paolo will be evicted soon. Despite his friends’ help, he doesn’t manage to react to such loss. From one drink to the next, life is slipping away. When all seems lost, in the still silence of a hospital room, a past he had left behind resurfaces. Flashes of a childhood stolen by a destiny that was bigger than him. Thanks to his daughter’s visit, Paolo rediscovers a piece of him he believed lost forever, which gives him the strength to keep on going.


This film wants to show not the surface of a man who has been always judged and humiliated. This film wants to show the life of a man who had his life ruined from the very beginning by his own family and by his social environment.  The days of destiny are those days where our life takes one or another direction. The film doesn't want only to focus on the condemnations but also on the opportunities that Paolo has had. At the hospital Paolo has been closed to death. Now he has to confront his life, with his only link he has left and lost: the one with his daughter.

Emanuele Marini
Alejandro de la Fuente, Emanuele Marini
Alejandro de la Fuente, Emanuele Marini
Director of photography
Emanuele Marini
Film Editor
Benedetta Marchiori
Original Music
Matteo Castellano
Marco Marasciuolo
Altri credits

Stefano Bernardi (Mix Audio & Sound Design); Silvia Pozzi (Color Correction).

Cast and characters

Paolo Poma

Alejandro de la Fuente
Matthias Keitsch
Atacama Film, in coproduzione con Ammira Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo giugno 2018
Alejandro de la Fuente
Last update: 17 November 2021