A family in a religious community and a daughter who is no longer part of it. Then a new world to settle in and a house to leave behind. They are all pieces of the Author's life as she returns home after being away for a while to deal with unresolved issues with her grandmother, mother and sister. Is it possible to be a family without sharing the same values? Is it possible to accept each other?

The film originates from an attempt of coexistence between distant realities: the different points of view cross the dialogues, the daily gestures and the spaces of an animated parallel world, dealing with issues never resolved.

Chiara Marotta
Chiara Marotta
Chiara Marotta
Film Editor
Chiara Marotta, Loris Giuseppe Nese
Original Music
Luca Bolognese
Altri credits

Davide Maresca (Sound Design); Loris Giuseppe Nese (Animazioni).

Cast and characters

Mamma, nonna e sorella Chiara

Production Director
Gaia Gunetti
Organizzatore generale
Gaia Gunetti
Executive production
Alessandro Borrelli
Alessandro Borrelli
Rai Cinema
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2017 - produzione giugno 2018
La Sarraz Pictures - Gaia Gunetti
Last update: 19 October 2021