Cars affect our primary senses on all levels, they define our
world and change our contemporary society. Our tastes have
changed: drive-in food, that was once at most a monthly
family treat has now become an essential daily ritual in our
fast-paced, consumer society. We barely notice the smell of
exhaust fumes but more and more people are getting sick
from atmospheric pollution. Whether we hear the sounds of
traffic in the haven of our airconditioned vehicles or the
scream of a racing car’s engine as it is pushed to its limits, car
noise has become another source of pollution. The quest for
perfection in style and shape pushes car designers to innovate
constantly, looking to create an emotional connection
between man and machine from the first touch. Our cities are
now designed in function of cars, changing what we see and
our perception of the world we live in.
People have a love-hate relationship with cars, that we will
explore. Furthermore, the film seeks to question the car
myth, something that is deeply rooted in our consumer
society. Using
automotive archives as well as interviews with scientists,
engineers, traffic controllers and racing drivers, this film will
explore how the car has changed not only the cities we live in
but also our

The structure of the documentary will follow the
narrative structure that characterized the previous
films directed by Michele Mellara and Alessandro
Rossi. Their style and their curiosity favours
international current affair themes narrated on an
international scale and addressed to a worldwide
audience. I'm in love with my car will construct
a path of knowledge and understanding of the
movie’s central theme - the relationship between
man-car in an urban environment - taking
advantage of the various story elements that,
combined cleverly with each other, will make the
story more engaging and effective: emotional
combinations, the evocative power of images and
sounds, the suggestion linked to the historical and
contemporary archive material and, finally, the
identification with the characters' events of the
individual chapters.
I'm in love with my car is also an important
element in our personal research on the major issues
of globalization. Research that we started with
“Health for sale” and continued with “God save the
green”. We really feel that these two documentaries
are important to better understand our present.
I'm in love with my car enters fully in this course
of study and knowledge that we consider absolutely
necessary to understand in a deeper way the world
around us, thus avoiding platitudes and facile
stereotypes of interpretation.

Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Director of photography
Michele Mellara
Film Editor
Marco Duretti, Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi
Original Music
Nicola Bagnoli
Alessandro Rossi
Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini, Umberto Romagnoli, Marco Cavalli
Altri credits
Fabio Viana Coggiola (mix e montaggio suono); Marco Fantozzi (color correction); Niccolò Manzolini per Seiperdue (Grafiche). Archivio Nazionale Cinema d'Impresa (Immagini di repertorio).
Organizzatore generale
Ilaria Malagutti
Executive production
Ilaria Malagutti
Ilaria Malagutti
Mammut Film srl
con il supporto di programma Media della Comunità Europea con il contributo del Fondo Audiovisivo della Regione Emilia Romagna e con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - produzione luglio 2016)
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