Our age has created a special breed of Super Heroes. Hidden behind nicknames, no one has seen their true faces, but everyone knows their feats.
We called them: Subs Heroes.
In real time, through an invisible network, a group of boys and girls create and share subtitles for any TV's most successful series.
This enormous work of coordination and IT is intended in order to make original language contents accessible for all.
No surprise the biggest community of this kind was born in Italy, the country where every content in dubbed.
We're talking about the first, largest and most famous community of creators of subtitles for TV series in the World.
500000 subscribers. 1000 active translators. 110,000 likes on Facebook.
Up to 200,000 downloads of a single subtitle per week.
We are talking about Italias Subs Addicted.
This film tells their foundation, rise and explosion during mid 2000 to 2016. Ten years in which the way we enjoy contens has completely changed.

Super Heroes can be found in any era.
In the current one we have a brand new breed of Heroes:
the figure of fansubber.
A fansubber is a hero with extraordinary powers, catchy nickname and a very important mission: to allow tv series fans to watch any TV series, in any language they want.
These heroes are grouped under a single brand that was founded in 2005 and which now has about 1,000 staff members and 500,000 registered users.
This brand is Italiansubs or Itasa.
We gonna tell the secret and public lives of these heroes of our days.
The Subs Heroes are people that perform common jobs during daytime but on the web, behind their nickname, they perform outstanding enterprises.
An invisible network that goes to work every day to meet the needs of the most demanding series addicted.
We want to know them, understand what motivates them to do what they do and how their activities within the community changed their lives.

Director of photography
Film Editor
Zrinka Ivanko
Original Music
Giorgio Giampà
Giulia Noto
Altri credits

Valeria Lacarra (Story editor)

Duel, in associazione con Ouvert, Grey Ladder, Oki Doki Film e Taiga
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo luglio 2016 - produzione dicembre 2016, del Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, di Friuli Venezia Giulia film commission e Fondo Emilia Romangna
Assistente di produzione
Emanuela Barbano (Duel: Film)
Last update: 18 November 2023