Zheng is a lonely Chinese young man, who works in Italy since he was a child. Even he has succeeded to stop from working in factories and consolidate his position he doesn’t feel fulfilled. In conflict with the working rigour and the desire to enter into contact with his peers, Zheng is going to be called to take a decision.

This film is centered on the growth path of a character left on the margins of his community. Zheng, young Chinese man, has left soon his studies and has worked since he was a kid. Now that he has grown up, he manages the workers on behalf of his boss. If something goes wrong he can end up back to the factory. For this reason he has learned to be tough with the others, everything has to work smoothly. Zheng has not lived his youth. He realizes it when he goes out by night and sees the young people having fun. He doesn’t have even a friend with whom to share those moments. This situation is unbearable for him. His duties isolate him from his own community. He struggles between his tough image imposed by work and his urgent need of human contact. One excludes the other. Soon or later will come the moment to take a decision.

Giacomo Sebastiani
Giacomo Sebastiani
Giacomo Sebastiani
Director of photography
Giorgio Giannoccaro
Altri credits

Alejandro de la Fuente (Story Editor); Fabrizio Conti (Color Correction)

Cast and characters

Zheng Naiqiao, Xu Chuantao, Bian Minhao, Wang Juan, Chen Yurong

Alejandro De La Fuente
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund
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20esima edizione  “Un Festival C’est Trop Court” (Nizza), 9 al 16 ottobre 2020