The Arignano Lake, situated between the Turin Hill and the Monferrato, was until 1980 a natural oasis for unique wildlife in Northern Italy. In 1980, for controversial reasons, the lake has been drained and died for 27 years, until 2007, when it  finally was "reborn". The history of the lake, a place of great ecological importance and, locally, very important in the collective imagination, is the story of almost one hundred eighty years of the relationship between man and nature. A story where, sometimes, man and nature live togheter in an almost magical and symbiotic way, at other times it seems that they move apart. This is the story of a lake that, once, disappeared, but also the story of a  rural world and a rural culture that is disappearing. But, maybe, like the lake, will find its place again in the future. This is a story of rare herons that find refuge in the reeds, as well as of men who seem carved in the same wood of the willows that grow in the swamp.

The intent is to build a wide story, supported by a strong work on the photographic and narrative aspect. It 'a story that will appeal to a contemporary audience interested in the themes of the relationship between humans and nature and between the city and the countryside. At same time the intent is to make a wide and suggestive "fresco" upon the local myth of the lake, and upon the mythical relationship between man and nature. This project is a way to finally participate in the life of a precious ecosystem that I hope endure and grow up, and maybe to spread, thanks to the film, interest and care towards this place.

Andrea Parena
Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo
Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo
Director of photography
Francesca Frigo, Simone Rivoire
Film Editor
Enrico Giovannone
Original Music
The Blues Against Youth
Cast and characters

Roberto Testa, Rina Gunetti, Francesco Garetto, Severino Parena, Gianfranco Pellissero, Ernesto La Spina, Peter Diulgheroff, Beppe Gunetti.

Organizzatore generale
Fulvio Nebbia
Enrico Giovannone
BabyDoc Film snc (Torino)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e Regione Piemonte - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo dicembre 2015)
BabyDoc Film (Frigo Francesca)
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