In a city of northern Italy every year hundreds of migrants come, seeking work in fruit farming. A reception camp host them, they are all of Subsaharian origin. The film tells a story by three authors, one episode each, a mosaic combining the stories of migrants with those of the locals. The stories of the men of the camp speak of an elsewhere, while those of the locals describe the territory of the film. From this contiguity contact lines with no quality value arise. Immanent forces overcoming the ideological interpretations of the migrant question; narratives that show the degree zero of human needs: food, bodily functions, need for love, survival. A farmer dispossessed from his land dealing with men who float like ghosts in a territory. The migrants camp was built on a land that used to belong to the farmer. A film that tells a story capable of combining the local and the global fluidly.

This is a film that wants to build new visions on immigration issues, digging below the surface of reality and trying to avoid mock racism and anti-racism, mirror forces that say little or nothing of our so-called "post-ideological" contemporary society.
It is a work that aims at introducing into the European debate on immigration, the other side of the coin, the one about the shelter areas; these places are often seen as platforms on which to move a pawn, they are not considered as profound places that with their history, affect the passage of migrants. We start instead from the permeability and porosity of the areas that affect and interact with the element of migration. From there, we want to tell the ensemble story of a new community made up of locals and migrants who see their lives inextricably intertwined.

Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone
Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone
Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone
Director of photography
Francesca Cirilli (Color correction)
Film Editor
Matteo Tortone, Andrea Fenoglio. Alessandro Zorio (Supervisione al montaggio).
Original Music
Rodolfo Mongitore e Giorgio Ferrero
Mybosswas, PLUS (minus&plus)
Altri credits
Irene Dionisio (regia della seconda unità per la prima parte del film). Mara Moioli, Giulia Frangione, Paolo Cafferati (Riprese con il drone). Olga Tranchini (Graphic design). Andrea Fenoglio, Matteo Tortone, Donatien Léngane e Stefania Dolce (Traduzioni).
Cast and characters
Tim Parfait, Martino Giletta, Salif Boussim, Ayouba Sare, Donatien Lengane, Mohammed Elsafi.
Executive production
Andrea Fenoglio
Andrea Fenoglio
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2013, produzione dicembre 2014), della Caritas Diocesana di Saluzzo, della Fondazione Amleto Bertoni di Saluzzo, della Fondazione CRC, della Fondazione CRT, della Compagnia di San Paolo e dell'Otto per mille Chiesa Valdese. E con il contributo di F.A.V.L.A. – Fondo Assistenze Varie Lavoratori Agricoli – Cuneo, Fondo Privato (Progetto Partecipato) dell'ex consigliere regionale Fabrizio Biolè, Sindacati della provincia di Cuneo: Flai Cgil, Fai Cisl, Uila Uil, Fondazione CRS, Emmaus di Cuneo, Slow Food Piemonte e Valle d'Aosta, Coldiretti provincia di Cuneo, Arci Piemonte, Acli provincia di Cuneo e Comune di Saluzzo
Assistente al montaggio
Riccardo Fasano
Andrea Fenoglio (Produzione Spinosa)
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