Barge and Bagnolo are two neighbouring small towns close to Alps. From centuries, the main activity of this area is the extraction of Luserna stone. From the second half of the 90s, after the great migration from the rural area of Zhejiang, has become the second largest Chinese community in Europe, in relation to local citizens. 90% of Chinese men work as a stonemason in quarries, in unsafe conditions and grueling turns.

Feng Teng is just returned home after spending a month in China. The last school year is beginning and, like many of his friends, he doesn't know what the future will be. A theater workshop is starting at school: he want to join with his friends.
A bitter story describes the life of a chinese teenagers group arrived in Italy as a result of family reunification, in a small village near the Alps where their fathers work the stone. Protagonists move between a past represented by culture and language of their fathers and a present of days repeated unpretentiously in a context in which they live as foreigners despite they contribute to the production process. Common denominator: the difficult affirmation of their own identity.

Francesca Bono
Francesca Bono, Fabio Ferrero
Director of photography
Matteo Tortone
Film Editor
Francesca Bono
Original Music
(audio in presa diretta) Alessandro Abba Legnazzi, (sound design) Luca Testolin (Post produzione audio e colonna sonora)
Altri credits
Francesca Cirilli (color grading). Qian Qian Lei (segretaria di produzione). Stella Iannitto, Shi Yang (consulenza allo sviluppo); Pietro Schwarz (consulenza scientifica); Sara Caldera, Huang Zaitong (traduzioni).
Cast and characters
Deng Qun Ye, Hu Yun Fei, Hu Ying Ying, Hu Jin Jie, Hu Yu Bei, Wang Feng Teng
Executive production
Fabio Ferrero
Officina Koiné (Torino) / Consorzio Monviso Solidale/B-Sight/B612lab / in collaborazione con Comune di Barge / Comune di Bagnolo Piemonte / Progetto Cantoregi
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Regione Piemonte e Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri - Dipartimento della Gioventù - Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo settembre 2013 under 30), con il contributo di Fondazione CRT – Bando Lumiére
Assistente di produzione
Orazio Giorgio
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Menzione speciale della critica al Torino Film Festival 2016

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