The territory of Stromboli island is unique: the volcano erupts over 20 times a day and the 400 inhabitants respectfully call him "Iddu", "Him." Energetic fluctuations amplify feelings and emotions; there are no cars or street lights; it is a wild, breathtaking beauty.The economy is based on summer tourism. Each winter the community hires his fight with the bad weather: aggressive wind, high sea, lack of hydrofoils. The community experience loneliness and isolation. Teachers face a complicated "commuting over the sea" and the Stromboli’s school often remains closed. On the other hand, childhood on the island is magical. At an early age, children go out fishing, build huts, slide into muddy torrents; they know about fish reproduction, wind directions, and constellations. They naturally learn their father’s trade; they grow up all together, protected by the whole community; they experience the territory with absolute freedom and learn classical values such as the respect of living beings and the environment, solidarity and unity. Carolina is the mother who brought together strombolian parents into the Association School all the sea, to find solutions about the scholar education’s discontinuity. The community self-organizes unconventional lessons of fishing, astronomy, volcanology and pottery, design and cuisine workshops. Looking for a dialogue with the institutions, parents also ensure the implementation of a video-conference system for distance learning. Carolina’s daily struggle tells us how to create a positive system from a lack, and possibly propose it as a model for other micro-communities; her family and home offer us an intimate point of view, in which everyday conflicts are faced with courage and love.

Director of photography
Sabina Bologna
Film Editor
Andrea Di Fede
Original Music
Davide Liuni
Sonia Portoghese (presa diretta)
Altri credits
Salvo Lucchese (Color correction)
Cast and characters
la comunità di Stromboli.
Moby Film / Simone Bachini - Apapaja (Bologna)
con il sostegno di MIBACT e Film Commission Torino Piemonte - (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - sviluppo 2012/produzione 2014)
Moby Film | Gaia Russo Frattasi
Last update: 28 February 2019