After a disastrous audition in Turin with a cold and heartless theater director, Italian-American actor Jonny Fredo has hit absolute rock bottom. A visit to the cemetery to see the grave of his celebrated Grandfather, Geo Roffredo, gives him new found hope. Destiny knocks on the door when Jonny receives a phone call stating that there could be a part for him in Max Russo's upcoming epic film on boxing and Jonny goes to meet him and former porn star turned straight actor Mark Black at the prestigious Cineporto in Torino.

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Anthony Alleyne
Anthony Alleyne, Piero Ali Passatore
Anthony Alleyne, Piero Ali Passatore
Director of photography
Simone Nesti
Film Editor
Julia Rizzolo
Original Music
Tom Ingleby
Piero Ali Passatore
Cast and characters
Piero Ali Passatore, Max Russo, Mark Black
Anthony Alleyne, Piero Ali Passatore
A Born Wild / Passatore Productions series
con la collaborazione della Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Festival - markets - events

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