Maz and Ziggy travel to Torino, Italy to prepare, cast and shoot their new video. While walking around the city they spot two beautiful Italian girls and invite them to come to the casting of their video. The casting proves to be a bit of a circus, the casting director a nutcase, and the ones that made any sense and are thus chosen are the two girls whom Max and Ziggy had invited. After work comes pleasure and Maz and Ziggy ask the girls to show them around town, immediately two new couples are formed and the thin line between work and pleasure completely dissipates and the four of them go out to dinner then to a discothèque where Maz and Ziggy wind up singing on stage. The next day Maz and Ziggy show up to the set of their music video, meet the crew (played by the real crew of this music video) and work begins. I Came to Party is an original sometimes hard to follow video which boldly attempts to be different and dynamic in a musical environment where playing it safe and redoing the same generic video over and over again is not expected but encouraged.

Piero Ali Passatore
Piero Ali Passatore
Piero Ali Passatore
Director of photography
Marco Iozzo
Film Editor
Piero Ali Passatore
Matteo Valré
Laura Carrara
Tatjana Callegari & Marta Di Giulio
Altri credits
Second Unit Photography: Walter Mohsen Corrado (Tulmen Grafix) | Second Unit Photography: Walter Mohsen Corrado (Tulmen Grafix) | Set Photography/ Fotografia di scena: Matthieu Roggero | Driver: David Bonin | Color Correction by Sara Dicorato Thanks to/ Ringraziamenti: Alfonso Papa, Daniele Segre, Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Francesca Ruiz, Giancarlo Vigo, Sixlove, Maurizio ‘NextOne’ Cannavò, Mauro ‘Deal’ Bottoni, The Lapsus Club, Safranmansour Mahmoud Alsalem, Il Ristorante Petra, Roby Vaio, Radio Flash, Chiara Alotto, Kebab Amman e Khaled Safran.
Cast and characters
Alessandra Piscopo & Martina Pascutti, Michele Albera, Stefania Ruggiero, Tatjana Callegari, Marta Di Giulio, Fiorella Carpino, Gianluca Guastella, Riccardo De Leo, Stefania Ruggiero, Martina Bianchini, Laura Passatore, Safranmansour Mahmoud Alsalem, Piero Ali Passatore, Marco ‘Illo’ Garzotto, Pietro Vergnano, Maddalena Licciardi, Laura Carrara, Matthieu Roggero, Walter Mohsen Corrado, Matteo Valré, Riccardo Genovese, Ilaria Laterza, Sara Beltrame
Passatore Productions (Torino)
con la collaborazione della Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Assistente di produzione
Maddalena Licciardi
Piero Passatore
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