TRANSITS is a one-off documentary project concieved as an auto-representation path through which a group of transgender are introducing their universe known mostly by stereotypes and more often discrimination.
TRANSITS is an expressive terrain where biographical events are part of a poetic functional to stimulate the public, able to generate a sense of empaty and proximity.
TRANSITS is a series of frescos with a strong human character, where the direct involvment of the subjects allow for a genuine inside perspective. The selfportraits are composed utilising the narration in first person done by the protagonists and a curated dramaturgy of editing without the use other external commenting voices. Elemens such as the
quotidian of relationships, the banality of the encounters, the existential difficulties and the extremity of prejudices the protagonist are facing are amongst the topics touched by the film.

With TRANSITS we foreseen a creative narrative process with five transsexuals involved in the project “Oltre lo Specchio” of the Association Gruppo Abele. This project intend to make us understand the reality of a micro cosmos known mainly through a mediatic dimension that is too often discriminatory. The aim is humanise a community at risk by contributing to the destigmatisatisation of its members, presenting them as individuals rather than as a group. The point of view becomes a space to re-affirm ones own dignity without fearing the judgement of the community, abolishing or exaggerating stereotypes according to the conscious decisions the protagonists will choose to make. The purpose of this initiative is to define a 'poetic of the experiences' with the purpose of contributing to overcome positions of victimisation and prejudice.

Davide Tosco, Alessandra Tria, Angelo Correale, Katherina Stecher, Alessandro Bernard, Paolo Ceretto
Original Music
Umberto Fantini
Organizzatore generale
Francesca Portalupi
Executive production
Fargo Film (Torino) con Ladis Zanini e Roberto Stradella (Produttore associato)
Davide Tosco
Docabout Associazione culturale (Torino)
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2010 - produzione maggio 2011) e con la collaborazione di Oltre lo Specchio - Gruppo Abele, Rai Tre, Radio 3, Rai Net.
Collaborazione alla sceneggiatura
Nicola Rondolino
Festival - markets - events

Gennaio 2012, 25a edizione del Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels de Biarritz.
Novembre 2011, presentato alle Giornate Europee del Cinema e dell'Audiovisivo di Torino.
Ottobre 2011, proposto al Bella Basilicata Film Festival.

Trasmesso il 31 Agosto alle ore 23:45, all’interno di DOC3 su RAI3.
Dal 10 al 14 ottobre 2011 il progetto approda sulle frequenze di RADIO 3, all'interno del programma Tre soldi.

Davide Tosco
Last update: 14 February 2013