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06 Maggio 2022
The second season of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy”, winner of the 2021 Emmy Award for the Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Program, debuted on Sunday, May 1st on CNN. The American TV channel announced the broadcasting of a new travel programming [...]
04 Dicembre 2021
As the 39th Torino Film Festival comes to an end, TFI Torino Film Industry presents the results of the live edition that offered for 9 days a complex schedule of events tied to independent cinema, to portray the entire audiovisual [...]
31 Gennaio 2021
...The Film Commission Torino Piemonte (FCTP) was established in 2000 to promote the region of Piedmont and its capital city, Turin, as an attractive and advantageous place for filmmaking. It is considered by many a pioneer in the industry, being one [...]
03 Dicembre 2020
"Turin Is Ready for Its Close-Up as Release of Matthew Vaughn’s ‘The King’s Man’ Nears" By Ben Croll   ... Over the past two decades, Film Commission Torino Piemonte has acted as a one-stop-shop offering logistical assistance and production services to [...]