16 Febbraio 2024

New record for the Film Commission Torino Piemonte: 1.300 days of filming, 236 projects, and 52 million euros impacting the territory in 2023, with numbers never before reached in Piedmont.

For the Foundation, 2023 has represented an extraordinary year both regarding quality and quantity, reaffirming and reinforcing the high quality trend of audiovisual production on the Piedmontese territory, with no less than 236 projects supported that add up to 1.300 days of filming, ideally 4 active sets simultaneously in every day of the year”, this is how the President of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte Beatrice Borgia comments on the data and the results of the past year, together with Director Paolo Manera who adds: “the general improvement in all evaluation parameters – with 17 feature films and no less than 19 tv series realized in Turin and in Piedmont that add up to a qualified expense in Piedmont of 26 million euros and an estimated overall impact of 52 million euros – puts under the spotlight the structural stability of the local industry, together with the constant growth of a path focusing on quality and on the international aspect that remain our fundamental strategic directions.

Over these years, from 2019 until today, the Region has supported our cinema industry with more than 27 million euros destined partly to the attraction of new productions in our territory, and partly to support the relaunch of cinematographic theaters, with interventions of reopening, modernization, and energetic redevelopment – declare the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio and the Assessors to Culture and Production activities, Vittoria Poggio and Andrea Tronzano. “The relationship of Piedmont with Cinema is a historic and unique one, as demonstrated by, besides the presence of the National Museum of Cinema – the fame and prestige of which is in constant growth – and the Torino Film Festival that every year collects successes both by audience and critique, the results of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte that are letting our territory emerge more and more as a productive center of national and international relevance. The constant increase in productions, even prime-time ones, further confirms that the branch of cinema is one of the most excellent in the Piedmontese industry, not to mention the repercussions in terms of tourist promotion that come from the presence, in film and television, of the beautiful locations of our Piedmont that are thus able to get on screens and TVs of the whole world.

The Assessor to Culture of the City of Turin Rosanna Purchia adds that “the great success of 2023 indubitably consolidates the position of relevance that the Film Commission Torino Piemonte represents for cinema and audiovisual production in our territory. These results highlight its disposition to repeat the already registered successes, as well as strengthen the acquired position on an international and national level. Thanks to innovative initiatives, funds, and constant increment of the communication activities, the Foundation will continue to have the possibility to maintain their role of excellence within the national audiovisual landscape.

2023 reveals itself as a record year also thanks to the start of new programming of the Piedmont Region for the years 2023-2025 and the allocation of 12 million euros for the production asset: the projects realized over the year with the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte rise to 236 with an average of 4 simultaneous sets per day, 1.300 days of filming (+ 27% as compared to 2022) and an overall impact generated on Piedmont – estimated only concerning films and tv series – equal to about 52 million euros.

The 17 feature films and the 19 TV series realized over the previous year (they were 16 and 12 in 2022) have as a matter of fact produced a clear increase in weeks of preparation and filming, which have reached a record amount of 137 and 126: a piece of crucial information to quantify the productive weight of the different projects and to determine an estimated overall impact of 52 million euros (26 million of “direct” repercussions – equal to 7,7 times the initial investment by the “Piemonte Film Tv Fund of the Piedmont Region and the services by FCTP – that double because of the multiplicative effect of 1:2 utilized to determine the linked industry (*)).

A year of reinforcement of the position that Turin and Piedmont fulfill in the national and international landscape, and that collocates the territory among the most active for both continuity and productive intensity. It also highlights a progression of quality thanks to the increasing number of feature films and TV series (which is to say, the productions that offer the most economic, professional, and mediatic impact) and thanks to the turnover of independent cinema and international titles as well.

From the debut work “Anywhere Anytime” to the Virtual set of “The Opera!” with Vincent Cassel, from the reconfirmation of long series such as “Cuori” and “The Law according to Lidia Poët”, up to “The Count of Monte Cristo” directed by Bille August: a variety of stories, projects, and authors that contribute to strong and eminent restitution in promotion and image for Turin and Piedmont.

The support constantly guaranteed by the services offered by the Production Office of the Foundation has also contributed to the realization of 47 short films, 18 documentaries, 135 between advertisements, TV programs, video clips, reportages, and institutional videos, and simultaneously, the increase of action on the territory through the location scouting with 37 inspections all over Piedmont.

Concurrently, the Regional network of the Foundation was further reinforced and expanded – through 21 new memorandums of understanding signed during 2023 that join the 100 municipalities already participating – easing the filming of 44 projects in various provinces, from the TV series “Fuochi d’artificio” realized between Cesana, Bardonecchia, Oulx, Sestriere, and Exilles to the international co-production “Le Déluge” realized between Nichelino and the Castle of Agliè.

Through the 3 film funds destined for the production of short films, the development and production of documentaries, and the development of films and TV series, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte has also put at the disposal of the industry € 830.000, supporting 34 projects during June 2023 alone (**) and expanding the overall supply of funds as compared to last year, another positive and concrete trait in the trend of the Foundation.

This opportunity was made possible both by the support guaranteed by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation – which has always been at the side of FCTP to make cinema a driver of development in the territory – in the scope of a two-year agreement with the Piedmont Region during the years 2023-2024 for the “Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund” – a fundamental project for talents and independent cinema that has further characterized FCTP’s network of institutional relationships – and the will of FCTP’s board of directors that, as a result of a streamlining of resources, has decided to boost the resources focusing on Funds.

In terms of promotion and communication, 2023 stood out through activities and results of great national and international relevance, with 25 titles supported by FCTP that were selected in main international festivals such as Rotterdam, Berlin, Locarno, and seeing for the first time two titles – “Ferrari” and “Lubo” – competing at the latest Venice International Film Festival, 13 previews in the City and the coordination of the 6th edition of TFI Torino Film Industry, an event that is now one of the points of reference for the audiovisual industry.

 A complex of activities, services, events, support actions, and promotion initiatives that highlight the Film Commission Torino Piemonte’s across-the-board role, confirming its world-class position within the national audiovisual ecosystem: a role that in 2023 the Foundation has chosen to inspect and examine deeply through its first Social Balance on the year 2022, presented on the last November during Torino Film Industry.

(*) the overall impact generated on Piedmont was calculated thanks to a study conducted for the drafting of the Foundation’s 2022 Social Balance, see HERE
(**) the data of the 2nd session of the 3 calls (December 2023) will be available within the next weeks.