31 Marzo 2023

It was held yesterday, Thursday, March 30, at Casa d’Aste Sant’ Agostino the meeting promoted by Gruppo delle Imprese dei Servizi Innovativi dell’Unione Industriali that hosted Film Commission Torino Piemonte, in order to explain to local businessmen the Foundation’s activities and the opportunities offered by the audiovisual industry.

The event – chaired by Ruben Abbattista, Head of Communication at Unione Industriali Torino - has seen the presence of numerous entrepreneurs; the President of Film Commission Torino Piemonte Beatrice Borgia and the Director Paolo Manera presented to the audience the activity of the Foundation, the data and results of the year 2022, the economic impact generated by audiovisual production and the quality of the local supply chain.

Through the intervention of the Location Manager Emanuela Minoli, guests were told about the location scouting for films and TV series, the use of company venue become movie sets (through some case histories, such as L'uomo sulla strada and the company Fresia Alluminio) and the Location Database on the FCTP website.

For those interested the event is available HERE