Alida works for a major corporation that has purchased an area of land, a former asbestos quarry, which they are going to turn into a mining-themed amusement park. Alida is the geotechnical engineer responsible for overseeing the reclamation work that was left unfinished by the previous management. Alida has been well received by all the local residents. Thanks to her, the stigma that asbestos left on this area will be turned into a distant memory. 

From the moment she arrives at the asbestos plant, Alida starts having strange dreams; it’s as though her subconscious is influenced by the presence of the hollowed-out mountain, and is making her relive fragments of the site’s history. One morning, something goes wrong. Alida finds out that due to a mistake made by one of her team, countless sacks of asbestos are still on site and have not been disposed of. This unanticipated blunder risks losing her company a lot of money, and could even make the whole project fall through. Alida has always believed she is working in the interests of the community. She finds herself at a crossroads: act for the good of everyone, or deceive them for private interests. Her life will never be the same. The narrow threshold that separates Alida’s dreams from reality shrinks even further, until she is pulled into the heart of the mountain, in a surreal, Dantean circle of hell.

Micol Roubini
Micol Roubini, Davide Maldi
Micol Roubini, Davide Maldi
Altri credits

Francesca Vittoria Bennet (Responsabile sviluppo)

Paolo Tonino Benzi
Okta Film
con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Piemonte Film Tv Development Fund - dicembre 2022
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