Palermo, summer of 1993. An old dragon and a child live together in a humble house. The dragon teaches the child how to tend the garden, make gnocchi, care for others, and  the value of time. As the child becomes a woman and the dragon grows old, the September wind marks the end of summer and childhood. The child realizes that nothing is forever, not even her dragon. When the Dragon flies away, he bequeaths her all his teachings: the importance 

My uncle, Leonardo Scalia, was a dragon.

A mythological creature from another era. Scarred by war, he lived a long, simple life. A man as rough as a dragon, but as sweet as a child. His last teaching was also the greatest: the importance of time. Aràsciu, in Sicilian dialect, means slowty, adagio. Because, as he said, the real skill is to go slowly. To go adagio means to appreciate every little thing. Enjoying the moments with the people you love, because they won't be there forever. This film is dedicated to my dragon, but it appeals to everyone. lt is a simple, dialogue-free story that makes dense thoughts understandable even for a child, and its content is universal and timeless. The child and the dragon represent innocence and the future, on the one hand, wisdom and roots on the other. The bond between the Child and the Dragon becomes the link between past and future, the young and the old, those who go fast and those who, on the other hand, aràsciu.


Angela Conigliaro
Angela Conigliaro
Angela Conigliaro
Director of photography
Angela Conigliaro
Film Editor
Angela Conigliaro
Original Music
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Nørlum (Animazione)

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con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte - Short Film Fund - dicembre 2022
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