Main profession
Direttore della fotografia
Secondary profession
Altre iscrizioni
Born in
Master in film production alla Vancouver Film School
Resident in Piedmont
Professional training

Laboratorio di regia con Abbas Kiarostami, laboratorio di sceneggiatura con Marco Ponti e Lucia Moisio, Tobo Broadcast Training Program, VR&MM Park, Kodak Italia stage in fotografia, Bluegold stage in color correction, Scuola Holden.


Laboratorio di regia con Abbas Kiarostami, laboratorio di sceneggiatura con Marco Ponti e Lucia Moisio, Tobo Broadcast Training Program, VR&MM Park, Kodak Italia stage in fotografia, Bluegold stage in color correction, Scuola Holden.

Other experiences

Regia di documentari, cortometraggi, pubblicità e making of.

Italiano, inglese, francese
Recent works

Independent Consultant at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.) January 2017 - Present Virtual Reality Consultancy

Independent Consultant at PANOPTIKONVR
January 2017 - Present
Storytelling for Virtual Reality
Independent Consultant at VREXPERIENCE
November 2015 - Present
Producing the first VR 360 cinematic VR content for the italian television RAI 1 "Ballando con le stelle" aka "Strictly come dancing". VR consultancy and advice. Creative Producer at GARAGE ITALIA CUSTOMS February 2016 - Present Commercials for: JEEP, SONY PLAYSTATION, BMW, ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, AVIONORD, LAPS TO GO, LEONARDO DICAPRIO FOUNDATION Creative Producer at BORROMEO&DESILVA
2012 - Present
In the charge of supervising video production and take care of the project from initial stage. Relevant works:
Director of Photography / Second Unit Director at LONDON LIVE ESTV July 2016 - December 2016 TV FORMAT: The IT Factor with Anna and Gabriella Carlucci Independent Consultant at PIUMAWORLD May 2016 - December 2016 Virtual Reality consulting

Independent Consultant at DCG COMPANY
November 2015 - May 2016
DCG Company is focused on immersive video contents and Interactive. Virtual Reality consulting Director of Photography at IO ADV March 2016 - April 2016 Commercials for FIAT 500 Limited term contract teacher at IED - EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF DESIGN October 2015 - January 2016 The course explores the many ways in which the cinematographer participates in the collaborative process of translating screenplays into meaningful and stimulating films. Through practice & experimentation, students develop their own style and vision.
Independent Consultant at MERI MEDIA
December 2015 - December 2015
Meri is a creative agency with an innovative approach to contemporary media communication. Director of Photography at BALLANDI ENTERTAINMENT November 2015 - November 2015 Ballandi Multimedia is a leading company producing televised events and variety shows addressing mainstream television’s general public.
Partner & Head of Video Production & Post Production at PUNTO REC STUDIOS
2014 - 2015
Punto Rec Studios is smart Project Factory producing contents for a multimedia communication experience. In charge of overseeing the development of the video production and post-production.
Conceived and implemented strategy and successfully managed video production and post-production. Created innovative ideas and led development and marketing of multimedia productions.
Oversaw internal staff and external agencies in developing integrated productions and communications strategies.

Creative Producer at PALOMAR SPA
2014 - 2015
Palomar is one of the oldest Italian television and cinema production companies, a market leader in Italy in the drama sector for the main TV networks.
Pavilion Zero provides an introduction to the Expo Milano 2015 Site. Pavilion Zero takes the visitor on a captivating journey to explore how much humankind has produced, the transformation of natural landscape, and the culture and rituals of food consumption.
Main Features:
• La Pastorale: film shot in 8K and played out using 18 Dataton Watchout/Watchpax systems at a resolution of 8160 x 3060 pixel. The projection mapping system creates a 46m x 17.5m surface with 14 Panasonic PT-DZ13KE projectors.
• Virtual food market: a huge videowall made up of over 500 Samsung 46 inch displays showing the cost of food in the worldwide markets.
• Vegetables dance: n.13 ViVa Screen HD opaque panel (VSPO) flown from the ceiling.
• Landscapes: impressively 360° immersive projection via 13 Epson EB-Z1000U using n.19 SpinetiX HMP200 players.
• Food jar: a huge jar with a multi-projection of falling food shot in extreme high speed.
As Multimedia Creative Producer:
• Developed alternative deployment strategy, significantly reducing production costs by $500K.
• Acted as principal project representative.
• Recruited a 'dream team' of 10 contract employees and studio crew.
GoPro Specialist / Director of Photography at TEA TIME FILM
September 2014 - November 2014
Commercials for Toyo Tires. Second unit. On-board camera.
Director of Photography at DDB MILAN
May 2014 - July 2014
Commercials for SAME DEUTZ-FAHR
Director of Photography at DUEL FILM
February 2014 - March 2014
Documercial for Valemour and GEOX.
Commercial for Nikon Italia.
Director of Photography at ALIEN FILM
2014 - 2014
Web series: "Private acts in Public Spaces"
Director of Photography at BANG RECORDS
2014 - 2014
Documentary about EDM music and the artists Nari&Milani.
Music videos
Creative Producer at OPERAI DEL DESIGN
2012 - 2014
Yet Matilde is a design agency, based in Turin.
WALTER MARIA DE' SILVA GARAGE'S. A temporary and interactive museum dedicated to the work of Walter Maria De' Silva.
AUDI'S BOAT. Boat concept with strong emphasis on comfort during day trips. The deck surface can be expanded to increase the living space, transforming the boat into a floating platform.
Director of Photography at EGO ITALY
2012 - 2014
Music Videos
Director of Photography at TIME RECORDS
2012 - 2014
Music Videos
Associate Producer at FOOD EMOTION
2012 - 2013
Food Emotion is focused on TV Commercial. Relevant brands: FINDUS, FERRERO, BUITONI

Associate Producer at GIORGIO RISI srl
2010 - 2013
Giorgio Risi is focus on TV and Web Commercials.
Relevant brands: KINDER + SPORT, FERRERO
Director of Photography at LIONSGATE FILM
September 2012 - December 2012
Feature film "Richard the Lionhearted" starring Malcolm McDowell.
Director of Photography at INDYCA FILM
August 2012 - September 2012
Documentary "Eight Stiches" about G8 in Genova.

2010 - 2012
Corporate videos.

Dicembre 2011
Haze - Black Box, Commercial per Hacking team (Torino e Milano) - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Ottobre 2011
Linda Rock’n roll (Music video), The Windows (Svizzera), Believe Studio - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Settembre 2011
Commercial per DPV (Torino e Milano), Black Box, DPV, Believe Studio - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Settembre 2011
Piemonte Share, Commercial-promo per il Piemonte Share film festival - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Agosto 2011
Europe not for sale
Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Teaser per documentario Graffiti Doc
Giugno 2011
Commercial per il Gruppo Hera - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Maggio 2011
Riprese eventi e realizzazione interviste per Red Bull e Alfa Romeo e Motel Connection (Milano), Giorgio Risi s.r.l - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.
Gennaio 2011 – Giugno 2011
Eroica, Scrittura e progettazione del documentario sull’opera dell’artista Daniele Fissore. In allegato al catalogo Allemandi dedicato all’artista e proiettato in occasione delle mostre temporanee. In collaborazione con Empirica progetti, Comune di Torino, Esperienza 150 - Direttore della fotografia e operatore di ripresa.

Sudoku (Short movie) directed by Dayi Jung and produced by Jongeum Hur. DOP and Camera operator (Arri S16mm).
Face the war (Short movie) directed by Aman Chand and produced by Jongeum Hur. Camera operator (HD).
Cyclops (Short movie) produced by EBM-VFS. Grip/electric (Red Camera).
Camera shy (Feature movie) directed by Mark Sawers and produced by Brightlight Pictures. First A.C and Camera Operator B (Red Camera).
Take the money (Music Video) directed by Jonny Fleet and produced by Foresight Pictures. First A.C (Canon 5D).
A fantastic meal (Short movie) directed by Bradd Erratt and produced by Kate Mann. D.O.P and Camera operator ( Arri SrIII 16mm).
The ultimate weapon (Science-comedy fiction short) directed by Tim Johnson and produced by Kate Mann. D.O.P ( Sony 335 ).
Workers comp (Short) directed by Ryan Mund and produced by Kate Mann. Camera operator ( HD).
Make it happen (Music video) for Save the children directed by Sencir Yalcin and produced by Wael Hakim.Camera operator (Canon 5D and 7D).
The call (Short) directed by David Tomiak and produced by Angie Perez. First AC ( Sony 335 and Sony EX3).
Carrot Lines (Commercial) directed by Simona Atias. First AC ( Canon 5D).
Beyond nightfall (Horror fiction short) directed by Ken Hawthorne and produced by Josh Minyard. D.O.P and Camera operator ( Canon 5D).
Good Copy (Documentary) directed by Tim Johnson and produced by Kate Mann. D.O.P and Camera operator (Sony F335).
Monoculeye (Short) D.O.P and Camera operator ( Bolex 16mm).

+o-x Nespolo (Biopic documentary) about Ugo Nespolo. D.O.P and Camera operator (Sony 900- Red).
Adriano Olivetti (Documentary) about  by Enrico Morteo. D.O.P and Camera operator (HD).ù
Giallo (Backstage) by Dario Argento with Adrien Brody and E. Seigner. Camera operator (HDV).
Giovani e incidenti regia e produzione spot promozionali per AreaG Onlus.
IDV realizzazione spot elettorali per IDV.

La cosa giusta regia e produzione backstage del film prodotto da Tommaso Calevi e Rai Cinema.

Unidad Popular regia e produzione, video-intervista a Giuliano Montaldo per il Festival Cinema &/è Lavoro di Terni.
Avis regia e scrittura spot istituzionale per Opera.

Carmencita aiuto regista, 12 episodi per Lavazza, produzione Armando Testa, Little Bull.
Dopo mezzanotte assistente alla regia nel film di Davide Ferrario.
La terra è troppo grande
regia di L. Favaretto - Assistente alla regia.
I vestiti nuovi dell'imperatore regia di A.Taylor - Capogruppo casting - Gruppo Cooper.

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