Not A Number is an indie game development studio based in Turin, Italy. Our aim is to experiment in the space of videogames and interactive media as a communication form and make games that really resonate with our audience.

Not A Number was officially founded in 2019 with the Steam launch of our first game, Helheim, but the five of us have been working together as a team for 3 years - dedicating all our weekends and spare time to the creation of several prototypes. Helheim is a fast paced hack’n’slash that was fun to develop, but for Out of the Hat we wanted to experiment in a different direction, focusing on creating an emotionally charged and immersive mood. Every aspect of this game (the art direction, the soundtrack, the gameplay) has been designed not to resemble reality, but to connect with those archetypal symbols and fears that link all of us.

Main production
Gaming (Videogames)
Secondary production
Digital contents
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Federico Giorsetti
Recent works

•    in-house project
•    genre: single player hack and slash
•    Steam release date 01/01/2019

Out of the Hat
•    in-house project
•    genre: narrative puzzle platform
•    release date NA

Born or Built?
•    client project
•    a series of 3D animated videosfor Questacon’s exhibition "Born or Built?"

Last update: 14 November 2019