Taurus Media offers a consolidated experience in the field of audiovisual production. Taurus Media specializes in video and multimedia thanks to the experience of the two founders Marco Sandano and Antonio Petracca, who have many years of experience as operators in the film industry. This is us "We live in a historical moment in which the image - whether broadcast on television, in cinema or on the web - plays a fundamental role in dictating social models in a macro world where every single individual is deeply conditioned by the surrounding context and by cultural norms that are transmitted to him. We are the professionals of that image, which multiplies and diversifies. We create, produce and edit instants, long or short short films, videos and videos of various kinds thanks to the multimedia tools we have in hand.Based on the specific questions of our clients, we create innovative and viral videos, which impacted quickly, passionate about the web world, and still commercials, miniseries, products for television and video of events; we listen and carefully study every little detail of what is required, the customers' expectations; we choose the most appropriate methodologies designed to develop solutions for the complete satisfaction of customers, acting in a dynamic and constant way with equipment of the latest generation: Sony, Hasselblad, drone, gimbal, which allow us to deliver a finished product of high quality definition in HD format, Full HD, up to 4K. All our collaborators - costume designers, make-up artists, hairdressers, screenwriters, set designers - come from the film industry; our crew is agile and fast, used to working quickly.

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Marco Sandano
Recent works

Spot "Swing jacket" Montura cliente - Tasci srl
Spot "Custom torino" cliente - Custom Torino
Evento "Reunio 2018" cliente - Customfood/Lowride
Spot "Chopin" cliente - Fabbricatorino
Evento "Open season Xerjoff" cliente - Oystersin srl
Evento "Spazio Lancia" cliente - Bentley spa
Spot "Glock 19 is coming" cliente - Powergun srl
Spot "20 anos revolucion" cliente - Revolucion
Spot "Time to click" cliente - ilcontatto
Spot "Merry Christmass aiea2" cliente - AIEA
Video portrait "Alessia Messina" cliente - Alessia Messina
Miniserie "Customfood" cliente - CustomFood

Last update: 06 April 2019