Fogo is a volcanic island in the archipelago of Cape Verde in Africa. A land we know so well and of which we related the stories of its Missions. Our mission is to stay together and to communicate with the Church, the religious communities, consecrated women and men as well as lay people from every nation in the world. Together we create video projects, clips, reports, cartoons, documentaries, fiction in order to give an account of unforgettable stories of human and spiritual treasures for the future generations. Together we create websites and whatever can be useful to enhance communication on the internet and social networking websites. Together we plan and redesign spaces, museums and temporary exhibitions. We also organize activities and entertainment for childen as well as events for young people and all the women and men we meet in everyday life. We set out to bring out the best of all the testimonies, objects, places and spaces both ancient and new. We work together to testify charism with photographic services, presentations, logos, leaflets and books. For over twenty years we have believed in and lived by the challenge of spreading the good news with passion, enthusiasm, experience and skill. 

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Paolo Damosso
Recent works

L'intelligenza della Carità
(Italia, 2015, 80' ca)
 Regia di Paolo Damosso
 Realizzato per conto delle Suore Maestre di Santa Dorotea Figlie dei Sacri Cuori
 La Bellezza silenziosa (Italia, 2015, 20' ca.)
 Regia di Paolo Damosso 
 Realizzato per conto delle Figlie di San Giuseppe di Rivalba

Last update: 12 March 2018