After twenty years, what can we say Bribeville has really been? Did it trigger epochal changes that truly affected the manner Italy is ruled in? And for better or for worse? Or was it just a flash in the pan whose only use has been that of mixing cards, of giving the impression everything was changing for nothing to change? Or still, one of those rare moments in the story of a country in which it is possible to see its real nature: not how it is declared that the country works but how it really functions?

It’s a long time I have in mind to make a film about the judiciary and social events that developed in Italy from February 1992 up until the mid 90’s following the judiciary inquiry Clean Hands that led to the political scandal called Bribeville. Mainly because I think the dawn of the Italian present political and social situation can be found in those events. Furthermore, I am quite convinced they kept in themselves the true essence of the negative part of Italy and Italians: the system based on patronage and corruption; Italian capitalism built on State aids and on an incredible bribe system; the collusion between Politics and organized crime; the general hypocrisy in praising the judge’s activity against those accused of illegal behaviours as if they were the only corrupt people of an immaculate system, system which in reality is not so immaculate as the transformation of praise into protest when the judge’s activity directs itself to a wider part of the system shows. And so everything ends, a new balance is found and everything changes for nothing to change.

Gerardo Panichi
Gerardo Panichi
Gerardo Panichi
Director of photography
Giancarlo Leggeri
Film Editor
Christian Lombardi
Original Music
Mirko Guerra, Federico Tummolo
Production Director
Antonietta Bruni
Organizzatore generale
Antonietta Bruni
Executive production
Alessandro Borrelli, Carlo Shalom Hintermann, Antonietta Bruni
Alessandro Borrelli, Carlo Shalom Hintermann
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo giugno 2012)
Antonietta Bruni (La Sarraz Pictures)